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First Nations Event Management

Ochre Stroke specialise in First Nations event management. Events are created to provide an immersive and engaging experience for the audience and are created on a bespoke level ensuring that the First Nations culture is encapsulated respectfully and ethically. 

Live Exhibitions 

Ochre Strokes will work collaborative with their clients from conception to execution to create live exhibitions to showcase and launch new work. 

National Recognition Events

Ochre Strokes provides event management services for Organisations and Companies that are celebrating or acknowledging First Nation culture including NAIDOC events, Reconciliation Action Plans, National Reconciliation Week and sporting Indigenous Round events. 

Corporate Events

For unique and culturally immersive events, Ochre Strokes can produce events for Corporate companies and organisations from business breakfast, lunches, launch events and gala nights. 

Community Events / Expos

Ochre Strokes produce and manage community events and expos that have a strong focus on promoting and celebrating First Nations culture or driving a community focus message. 

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First Nations Creative Agency
Management, Marketing and Events
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