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First Nations Management Services

Through collaboration with First Nations organisations, businesses and artist, Ochre Strokes can provide a full service of management through the following services: 


Ochre Strokes provides their clients with personalised and professional consultation services. Specialising in creating First Nations marketing, communication, engagement strategies, project and event management

Marketing and Engagement 

Ochre Strokes provides their clients with a full service of  marketing, communication and engagement strategy that is focused in connecting. and delivering messages from a First Nations perspective. 

Event Management

Ochre Strokes specialises in event management from the conception to execution, ensuring that the event encapsulates First Nations culture in a respectful manner and provides an immersive experience for the audience. 

Talent Management

Ochre Strokes allows their clients to focus solely on their artisitc talent and provides the ability to create new work, whilst they take care of the operational side of the business. From sourcing funding opportunities and submitting grants, creating opportunities for live events, to managing talent /transactional contracts. The management of Indigenous Artists will be conducted in an ethical and culturally appropriate manner ensuring that the artist is respectfully represented and remunerated.  

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First Nations creative agency
Specialising in collaborating with First Nations organisations, businesses, artist  campaigns and 
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