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Marketing Services for First Nations

Ochre Strokes is a First Nations creative agency providing an extensive and experienced range of marketing services from establishing marketing strategies, creating brand profiles and assets to amplify First Nations organisations, initiatives and campaigns.

Marketing and Communication Strategy

Ochre Strokes works collaborative with their clients to understand and establish marketing and communication strategies. With a specific focus on curating cultural content that connects with First Nations perspective and approach. Leaning on an extensive knowledge and experience within the media landscape, Ochre Strokes provides media-buying services to connect their clients campaigns on First Nations and mainstream platforms. 

Brand  Profile and Assets

Ochre Strokes works collaborative with their clients to establish or maintain their brand position. Through a series of consultation and collaboration with their clients, Ochres Strokes works to establish and create their brand guidelines and profile to amplify awareness and engagement with target audience.

Ochre Stroke create a suite of brand assets for their clients ranging from logo, website design, set up and management of social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.

Content Creation

Ochre Strokes provides and produces high quality content for video and audio production, podcast, campaign collateral for print, online, events and profile amplification. 

Amplification and Engagement

Ochre Strokes will ensure that their clients are continuing to engage with their clients through multiple platforms and mediums.  Capturing data lead insights and feedback to ensure that their clients is respectfully represented and all content is reflective and relevant with their brand and core objectives. 

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First Nations Creative Agency
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